These couches have all the standard features that Chesterfield furniture is known for - except now they're available in a variety of fabric. These 2-seaters are just the right size for work, home, and small spaces without compromising on style.

Chesterfields are handcrafted with vibrant hues and top-notch quality fabric that oozes elegance and class.

The Chesterfield is the best two-seater sofa money can buy. You'll find them in various options, from velvet to other lush fabrics, and in rich colours like Oxblood, Green, and classic Brown.

The Chesterfield Sofa Design

The unique low back style and deep-buttoned back and arms, complemented with studded facings, adds sophistication.

The scroll arms are lavishly embellished with stud nails to provide character. This traditional vintage British style couch is an undeniable winner in any room.

2-Seat Sofa Features:

  • Superior Chesterfield design
  • Available in a variety of plush cloths
  • Distinguished scroll arms
  • Lavish deep buttoned backrest
  • Loose pocket sprung seat cushions
  • Low 2-seat base
  • Soft, thick weave cotton textile
  • Solid hardwood legs
  • Sustainable, reinforced hardwood frame
  • Firm low back seating comfort
  • Hand studded front facings

2-Seat Sofa Dimensions

Approximately 75cm (H) x 89cm (D) x 195cm (W).

Why a Chesterfield Sofa?

Chesterfields are well-known for only being available in leather, but over time, homeowners looked for new ways to work Chesterfields into their décor without the traditional vintage feel these couches are known for.

Because of this demand, alternative takes to the definitive style emerged - a design that's as popular as its leather cousin.

Why A Bold Coloured Sofa?

These 2- seaters are perfect for contemporary living rooms. They add charm and elegance with a classic twist to provide a comfortable atmosphere in any living area.

This bold piece creates an immediate impact and makes a great focal point.

Still, to get the right look, you'd need to pair this decadent oxblood coloured sofa with black, grey, and blue hues or a tasteful mix of neutrals to tone down the boldness of the colour.

Low Back Sofas For Optimal Back Support

Even though Chesterfield was designed to suit formal sitting styles of the 19th century, they're still the sofa of choice for comfort.

Their deep, firm cushioned backs are perfect for back support. On the other hand, the upright backrest helps support your back at the right angle.

Removable Cushions For Comfortable Seating

The high-quality foam of each seat cushion provides a comfortable place to relax and unwind. Even though the seat cushions mould to your body shape while sitting, the foam "bounces back" when you stand up, which adds to the longevity of these cushions.

While the 2 -seater is compact, there's still enough room to snuggle up in comfort on game nights.

Detachable seat cushions are synonymous with high-end furniture and this Chesterfield sofa sure delivers. The great news is that removable cushions are easy to care for.

By turning the seat cushions over once in a while, you reduce wear and tear on the material. At the same time, it's easier to retrieve lost keys, vacuum crumbs, and find lost change.

These Chesterfields won't easily burst at the seams (literally) because the top-notch material and expert stitching provide extra strength and durability.

Scroll Arms For Relaxation

The scroll arms provide a casual look that helps a classic area feel comfortable and relaxed. The shape of the couch arms is perfect for resting while watching TV or reading a book - even without a pillow.

Wooden Feet Enhance Décor and Functionality

The wooden legs contribute to the aesthetic while adding height to provide a streamlined look. The compact size of the Chesterfield sofa makes a room seem larger and provides bold character.

On top of that, you won't have to stoop down low, which reduces strain while sitting. These 2-seaters are perfect for people with back and leg injuries.

Intricate Detailing Meets Functionality

Chesterfields provide that distinguished feel because of the intricate detail of the button tufting. Beyond the expansive class that these details provide, the functionality of the button-embellished back comes with holding the foam in place to keep the shape for years to come.

The buttoning on this piece is edgy and sophisticated while providing a powerful yet approachable aesthetic.

Simultaneously, the hand-studded facings provide pizzazz and elegance and are a clever way of adding durability to the sofa by holding the material in place.

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Height - 76cm Width - 150cm Depth - 80cm Weight - 42kg


Ultra-Modern and Stylish In Any Room

These 2-seaters are essential for people who love clean lines and sleek finishes in a modern space.

Jazz your space up with slender silhouettes like glass and metal while keeping the rest of the furniture toned down for a clean look.

Styling Sunrooms & Conservatories

The durability and comfort of this design work well in most areas of your home.

Spruce up conservatories and sunrooms with a 2-seater Chesterfield sofa and a fitted carpet or luscious rug to add excitement.

Styling your Bedroom

These sofas are perfect for adding passion and excitement to your bedroom.

While red brings liveliness to your bedroom, you can rest assure that it doesn't take away from the comfort and much-needed cosiness that's pivotal to a bedroom.

Styling Your Office

Add a splash of colour to your office- even a home office. A 2-seater Chesterfield adds a homely feel by adding a touch of class and sophistication to the industrial feel that offices are known for.

This is a perfect way to help with inspiration to get your job done.

Maximum Comfort Meets Bold Luxury

Comfort is critical when buying a sofa and a Chesterfield certainly delivers on this.

The opulent feel of the Chesterfield is primarily dependent on the textile and sturdy solid wood frame. Chesterfield sofas are the most comfortable sofas on the market today.

This Chesterfield provides warmth and is not too soft that it hinders durability. The material remains in shape thanks to the buttoned tufting and excellent condition of the fabric.

These 2-seater provides an exquisite combination of luxury quality and optimum comfort.

Softer Aesthetic and Feel

If you're looking for a softer feel mixed with a dash of boldness, then these 2-seaters provide all of that. Fabrics are softer and breathable, which makes them cooler in warmer weather and warmer in colder temperatures.

Regardless of the climate, you're making a bold statement with these Chesterfield couches!


At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we have an extensive collection of Chesterfields in several rich colours to style any dull and dreary space. These are alongside opulent hues like Blue, Green, Oxblood, Brown, Grey, and many more colours to choose from.

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