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2 Seater Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

If you're looking for a velvet Chesterfield sofa, 2 seater options work well in any space.

This velvet Chesterfield settee is a daring signature piece that effortlessly combines comfort with elegance to most rooms. Our range of Chesterfields is available in various colours and can be matched with modern and classic décor.

The 2 seater sofa is a perfect addition to add an elegant design to small areas. The couch is finished with a buttoned tufting back with studded front facings that Chesterfields are known for.

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we have a vast collection of Chesterfields available in top-quality velvets. These are alongside a collection of opulent leather Chesterfield sofas in 2 seater, 3 seater, and 4 seater varieties.

Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa in Velvet Design

The traditional leather Chesterfield is timeless, but we've brought this renowned design into the 21st century with our velvet settees. A velvet Chesterfield sofa has all the same characteristics, such as a deep buttoned back, generous studding, and deep seats. The charming velvet finish adds a luxurious yet soft touch regardless of the colour.

  • Reversible cushions
  • Seat Depth: Standard
  • Comfortably seats 2 people
  • Fully upholstered velvet back and front
  • Solid hardwood legs

Classic Décor With A Modern Twist

For people looking for a way to have a cosy spot to snuggle during movie time, a velvet Chesterfield couch is the perfect piece. The quilted back, medium-soft comfortable seat, and sumptuous velvet creates a modern luxe look.

A Chesterfield sofa provides a vintage style thanks to its design. The settees beautifully merge modern and classic to give a retro-chic aesthetic to your home.

Both velvet and the Chesterfield design are synonymous with sophistication. But this doesn't mean outdated. The design alone is trendy and adding velvet to the mix is a recipe for a classic-modern twist.

Give Your Living Room a 180-Degree Turn Towards Elegance

The Chesterfield sofa harmonises the traditional style to provide a nuance of warmth - whether in your home or office.

This sofa perfectly coordinates traditional style, providing a nuance of warmth. Accessorising with bright-coloured blankets and flamboyant cushions is an extraordinary way to enjoy a relaxed and cosy atmosphere whether you're in front of the TV or reading a good book.

A Velvet Sofa. Really?

Velvet is smooth and silky and one of the most popular textiles used for sofas. It provides that "fit for royalty" look and doesn't fade quickly.

Velvet not only looks and feels luxurious, it's also durable and made to last. This textile is far from delicate; it's designed to be hardwearing and last for years.

This makes it perfect for Chesterfield furniture.

The flat, dense pile characteristics of velvet contribute to its durability. Also, velvet has a way of picking up the light, so you have more depth than plain-woven material does. This gives velvet that textured, soft look with a subtle sheen that's not too overpowering.

Are Velvet Chesterfields Still In Style?

Velvet is still trendy, and the Chesterfield design isn't going anywhere. Still, if you're concerned about velvet going out of fashion, the textile won't become outdated soon. A warmer colour, like grey, helps your living space stay up to date.

Snag-less Velvet Is Pet-Friendly

This textile doesn't have raised weave or loose threads, so it snags less than other fabrics, making it an ideal pet-friendly option. On top of that, dirt and pet hairs are easier to brush off from the fabric's surface.

Velvet isn't high-maintenance and can last for decades - even if your living room experiences a lot of action.

Double-Whammy Sophistication

The best thing about velvet is that it helps glam up a room and makes spaces feel more sophisticated. Couple this with a Chesterfield design and you're in for a double treat of sophistication.

Still, velvet has a homely, cosy feel and creates a relaxed ambience. It's soft to the touch and provides a certain solace at the same time.

Several Colours To Add Personality

Velvet Chesterfields are available in various colours - from vibrant colours to lively patterns to more toned-down colour palettes.

Browse our selection of beige velvet, black velvet, blue velvet, and green velvet 2-seater and 3-seater Chesterfield couches.

Detachable Cushions Makes Things Easy

The seat consists of high-density foam that allows the sofa to "bounce back" once you get up. This keeps the sofa looking neat yet at the same time moulds to your shape when sitting.

What's terrific about removable cushions is that you can easily vacuum crumbs, find lost change, and retrieve keys - so cleaning your space is a breeze.

You also preserve the material and save on wear and tear by turning the seat cushions over.

While loose cushions are hard-to-resist temptations for children, the textile is tough enough to withstand kids and pets.

Although loose cushions are notorious for literally bursting at the seams, the high-quality craftsmanship that a Chesterfield sofa is known for makes this piece of furniture long-lasting.

High Backrest Equals Maximum Comfort

The high backrest provides maximum back support because of the high-quality foam filling - allowing you to really sink back and relax. These settees are perfect for relaxing while providing support for long periods.

The Chesterfield sofa has a backrest that works with the seating to support the lower half of your body.

Comfortable and Firm Meets Sophistication

The iconic Chesterfield sofa is firm yet soft enough to provide comfort. The seating won't lose its shape because of the top-quality foam filling.

These Chesterfields are more than just a comfortable piece of furniture. They ooze class and sophistication, and provide a posh ambience that's hard to match with most other sofa designs.

Button Tufting To Make Things Swanky

The deep-buttoned tufting adds depth and is one of the settee's most prominent features. The angled "stitching" adds a level of texture while softening modern décor.

Chesterfields reinforce longevity because the buttoning prevents the material from sagging and moving around. Simultaneously, the tufting keeps the fabric plump without the need to keep fluffing seat cushions.

Scroll Arms Provide a Relaxing Experience

The scroll arms add a casual aesthetic that helps with a stately yet comfortable, homely feel in any room.

The arms are tall and rounded - making these couches perfect for a quick lie down, even without a pillow.

Wooden Legs Magnify Functionality and Décor

The 4 wooden feet create an elegant contrast and are slightly rounded to mirror the sofa's curved back and arms.

The wooden feet add oomph to any room's décor by adding height and providing a streamlined look while making small spaces appear larger.

Simultaneously, the feet prevent you from stooping too low, which also makes sitting strenuous. This is ideal for people with leg or back injuries and the elderly.

When Centuries Collide

Chesterfields are so versatile that you can combine pieces from different generations. Some decorators pair modern and centuries-old sofas. Some even place 2 different colour Chesterfields in the same room.

This interior design technique opens up the possibility of creating harmony and, dare we say, are symbolic of differences working together.

Care Instructions

Avoid using harsh cleaners and don't place the sofa in direct sunlight as these factors could damage the velvet. We recommend that you get professional help to ensure the longevity of your couch.

Get To Know Our Chesterfields

Our velvet Chesterfield couches are handcrafted in England by expert artisans. The sofas are made from hardwood frames, natural wood legs, and sprung seats to create a comfy yet elegant atmosphere.

These sofas are built to last and made from top-quality material that will be enjoyed for generations to come.


Our Chesterfield sofas are made with a distinguishing contemporary twist with excellent quality fabric and hardwood frames. We have a large selection of modern styles available as 2 seater, 3 seater, and 4 seater Chesterfield couches.

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