The Chesterfield is an iconic piece revered and loved worldwide since the 19th century. It's the personification of style and elegance that many other sofas can't compete with.

The 3-seater Chesterfield leather sofa is a remarkable piece in your living room - or any area in your home, for that matter. This piece provides support for family and friends and is a critical decorative piece that you should own.

The unique structure is made from a robust solid wood frame with short legs and intricate detailing. There are several covers available in exquisite fabrics and plush leather.

Chesterfield Leather Sofas Features

  • Superior 3-seater traditional Chesterfield outline
  • Locally sourced hardwood frame that's reinforced with screws and glue
  • Steel-engineered springs
  • High-quality foam seating for longevity
  • Fully upholstered deep buttoned tufting in several places
  • Distinguished scroll arms
  • Sumptuous buttoned backrest
  • Natural hardwood feet
  • Loose seat cushions with firm seating
  • Hand studded Front facings
  • Available in various plush textiles and high-quality leather

Chesterfield 3-Seater Sofa Dimensions

Height : 70cm, Seat height: 41cm

Width: 204cm, Seat width: 145cm

Depth: 86cm, Seat depth: 56cm

Why are Chesterfields Well-Loved?

The versatile design and adaptability to contemporary interior décor make this prime furniture piece popular. The size makes it the ultimate focal point in large rooms because the pleasant imposing personality and luxurious appearance add class, elegance, and style.

Modern Chesterfields incorporate the same traditional design of a Chesterfield with contemporary fabrics and luscious colours.

The Chesterfield 3-seater sofa is ideal in places where space is not an issue. The family-friendly size allows you to scooch closer while enjoying quality family time.

The Chesterfield 3-Seater is Always Trendy

This timeless 3-seater is perfect for having guests over. Still, Chesterfields are more than just a comfy sofa. This decorative furniture piece is designed to be the focal point in your living room and represents your style.

3-Seater Chesterfield sofas are fashionable and will always remain a popular classic. Their unique appearance is instantly recognised among the other pieces of furniture in the room.

The distinctive style and shape of this Chesterfield 3-seater is durable. For centuries, Chesterfields are synonymous with quality and high standards that ooze class and elegance. Even though it's traditionally an English style, the sofa's design is recognised and loved worldwide.

Added Modern Tweaks For Leisure

Contemporary Chesterfields follow the traditional construction with some tweaks for added comfort suited to today's tastes. The foam filling has improved to implement softer seating than the original Chesterfields. This innovation was geared at providing long hours of leisure.

Robust Frame Promotes Longevity

The frame of the Chesterfield 3-seater sofa is made from seasoned hardwood, including solid beechwood that's sourced from sustainable forests. The straight grains give these couches remarkable strength and solidity.

The hardwood frames hold up against vigorous daily use and will last your family for years to come.

Seating Made For Convenience & Style

Because the cushions are detachable, they open up a whole new world of style and convenience. You can easily care for this 3-seater Chesterfield, and cleaning up is a breeze when retrieving pesky crumbs and recovering lost change.

The seating is family-friendly and hardwearing against the antics of kids and pets. Chesterfield sofas' high-quality workmanship and top-notch materials provide a durable piece of furniture for a long time.

Enjoyable Seating For Years To Come

The superior quality foam filling is made to last. The pocket springs provide a medium-soft seating experience that's designed to provide comfort and helps retain the 3-seater Chesterfield's shape - making them a perfect sofa.

Backrest For All-Round Back Support

A Chesterfield 3-seater sofa is charming and enjoyed in homes and commercial spaces. Beyond their beauty, the height of the buttoned back is superb for people who need maximum back support.

These timeless 3-seaters offer better head, neck, and shoulder support than many other sofas. They provide relaxation because of the cosy, snug feel combined with the definitive shape.

Typically, furniture pieces provide either leisure or great-looking aesthetics. But this 3-seater is an exception that provides both. This status symbol has a luxurious approach to comfort that makes a significant difference to your space.

Distinguished Enough To Snuggle Up To

Another recognisable feature is the elegant armrests on this beauty. Distinguished doesn't always mean unapproachable, and the Chesterfield sofa proves that fact.

This timeless settee provides ample support while sitting upright. If you're a person that loves lying down, you'll discover superb neck support too.

Solid Wood Feet Combines Stunning Aesthetics & Functionality

The beauty with regards to the solid wooden feet is two-fold. The first is that the legs are made from European-sourced hardwood that's treated to endure longevity. The second is that the legs add elegance and style.

The distinguished legs add height and a streamlined look to provide a marvellous finishing touch to this iconic shape. On the other hand, the legs reduce your need to stoop down low, which leads to less strenuous sitting. This makes these 3-seater sofas a godsend for people who experience leg or back injuries.

This piece of furniture makes a grand statement in classic and contemporary spaces that you can enjoy with leisure.

Intricate Details

The settee is tufted with a magnificent amount of buttons. The distinctive deep-button effect provides more than just a well-rounded look. The buttons hold the material in place, which helps retain the sofa's shape for longer.

The hand studding on the front facings outlining the arms provide added class and functionality too. Without these, the Chesterfield 3-seater wouldn't be a Chesterfield.

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Among the Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa's many options is the Tweed collection from Chesterfield Leather Sofas. Any living room would be enhanced tremendously by the inclusion of this stunning sofa as its centrepiece. Backrest and armrests with piping-detailed curvature are...



This Chesterfield 3-seater sofa is handcrafted from the finest materials by talented craftsmen. These experts take extra care and detail to create a hardwearing couch that's chock full of class and elegance.

Chesterfield Leather Sofas provide an extensive range of Chesterfield furniture in 2-seater,3-seater, and 4-seater options. You can find them as a plush velvet fabric, exquisite textiles, and high-grade leather sofa options. Each brings class and sophistication to any space.

Several Types Of Leather To Choose From

We select Top Grain leather from excellent UK hides. Your options are:


Our antique leather range has an aged appearance making them an exquisite option for adding a historic feel to contemporary décor.


The distressed, waxy appearance is enhanced by the different tones and natural markings that add charm to contemporary designs.


The Milton leather has a clean and polished look, a terrific choice for contemporary and first-class décor.


This leather has a velvety appearance that gives you the best of both worlds. The combination of the smooth, silky feel and durability of leather makes Tempest leather versatile.


This sumptuous aniline leather maintains the natural textures providing a distressed appearance. The soft feel is well-suited to both modern and old school homes.

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