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Antique Blue Chesterfield Sofa

Leather sofas are typically the focal point of interior design and work well in any room. Antique leather sofas combine style and comfort to transform your space while adding a splash of colour.

Antique leather is the pioneer of sophistication and Chesterfields are synonymous with illustrious furniture. These extravagant sofas are synonymous with vintage British style, handmade with extra care by expert craftsmen, and known to add style and elegance to any interior design.

We provide an extensive range of Chesterfield couches that are guaranteed to make a bold statement.

Antique Chesterfield Design

This classic 3-Seater Antique Blue Leather Sofa has a unique low back style, wood bunfeet, hand-studded back, and hand studded border. The scroll fronted arms are decorated with individual stud nails to provide a high-end look.

Antique Blue Leather Chesterfield Features

  • 3-Seater Chesterfield design
  • Handmade with vintage blue leather carefully treated to enhance the aged look
  • Non-tropical screwed and glued hardwood frame made from European-sourced timber
  • Upholstered and buttoned by craftsmen
  • Real wooden legs
  • Hand studded to complete the Chesterfield design
  • Medium-soft seating cushions for comfort
  • Handmade in the UK


Approximate dimensions: 75cm (H) x 200cm (W) x 89 cm (D)

Why Antique Leather?

Antique leather provides marvellous character and qualities like durability and alluring aesthetics. On top of this, aged leather offers excellent value for money and a luxurious feel.

Leather is naturally resilient against daily use and long-lasting.

Antique Leather is Hypoallergenic

Leather furniture doesn't gather dust mites, pet hair, and other allergens. Allergy sufferers often find relief with the hygienic capabilities of leather.

Antique Leather is The Perfect Aesthetic

Antique leather provides elegance to a room that most fabrics can't compete with. Still, Chesterfields have a traditional feel, but they're typically more trendy than fabric furniture.

A Chesterfield leather sofa provides a sleek, high-end appearance, while the natural softness of the hide offers comfort.

Antique Leather Ages Well

The hide used on this blue leather sofa improves tremendously with age. The naturally distressed look enhances your furniture's appearance.

Antique leather improves tremendously with age through the naturally occurring distressed look that enhances the furniture's appearance in your home.

Leather only gets better over time, as it becomes more soft and supple with use.

Easy To Care For

Leather is easy to care for and requires weekly dusting and a good rub down a few times a year.

Even though leather is by no means high maintenance, you'd still need to condition the hide to prevent splits and cracks.

Handcrafted To Perfection

These blue leather sofas are handcrafted in the UK and made from sustainable local wood. The reinforced hardwood frame promotes longevity, while the leather is made from top UK hides.

Intricate Detailing: The Devil Is In The Details

You can easily recognise Chesterfield sofas by their intricate detailing. The low back style deep buttoned detailing provides a plush aesthetic and also holds the leather in place.

The individual studs on the front border, scroll arms, and back together with the shape ensure that the sofas stay in shape for years to come.

The classic style deep buttoned arms are comfy yet elegant at the same time.

Firm Yet Comfortable

These iconic pieces provide medium-soft seating, which is perfect for back support. The top-quality foam won't lose its shape and ensures elegance and style for a long time.

Family Friendly Chesterfield Sofas

This blue leather sofa offers opportunities to impress your guests with all its style and glory. It's the perfect choice for parents with young kids and pet owners.

The soft leather is comfortable enough for long conversations, while that hardwood frame is sturdy enough for kids and pets shenanigans.

UK's #1 Chesterfield Retailer

Chesterfield Leather Sofas is a trusted purveyor of traditional vintage British style furniture. Our blue antique leather couches are handmade to exceptional standards by skilled artisans in the UK.

These craftsmen take the utmost care to provide hardwearing, refined furniture built to last. Rest assured that your new Chesterfield will arrive at your home in pristine condition.

We have an extensive collection of Chesterfield sofas in various styles, from Snuggle Chairs to Sofa Beds.

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