While Chesterfields originally had a gentlemanly feel, it's now admired by people of all backgrounds worldwide. It's a quintessential piece to add a touch of class to any home.

These sofas are iconic pieces that are revered and loved worldwide. Chesterfields are the personification of style and synonymous with classic English style.

Antique Leather Sofas combine class and comfort to transform your space while adding warmth and cosiness.

Chesterfield Leather Sofas provide a range of antique Chesterfields that are available in brown and blue designs to make a bold statement.

Antique Chesterfield Design

This 3-seater Brown Chesterfield has a unique low back, solid wooden bun feet, deep-buttoned backrest, and front border. The scroll arms are embellished with stud nails to provide that lavish look.

This piece of furniture will always be a great focal point in your home with its classic vintage British style.

The Modern Chesterfield

While this design exudes everything traditional, from the aged leather to the sofa design, it is still the perfect way to balance contemporary décor with a classic feel. These 3-seaters exude opulence and dignity.

Beyond the superior material, these Chesterfields transform your home, or any area for that matter.

Why An Aged Sofa?

An aged-style sofa design is different, and dare we say, original from what you'll find in other households. Chesterfields are always fashionable yet represent you as someone with impeccable taste, class, and charm.

Chesterfields are handcrafted and not mass-produced. This means that every care is taken to ensure quality, style, durability, and longevity. Antique leather sofas are made from sumptuous material and superior wood that's built to last.

Antique Brown Chesterfields have a masculine feel that can easily be paired with feminine aesthetics like throws and cushions to provide a balanced look.

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Antique Brown Chesterfield Features

  • Handcrafted in antique brown leather
  • Non-tropical screwed and glued hardwood frame for reinforcement
  • Deep-buttoned backrest, arms, and front border
  • Individual lines of studs
  • Solid wood bun feet
  • Superior foam for comfortable seating
  • Removable cushions to provide a high-end look while providing durability
  • Made in the United Kingdom

3-Seater Sofa Dimensions

75cm (H) x 89cm (D) x 200cm (W)

What is Antique Leather?

Antique leather possesses historic charm and noble elegance that most fabrics can't live up to. The hide is pre-dyed and some of the topcoat is gently removed to give that antiqued look. A sealant is added to protect the leather and provides a mellow lustre appearance.

Why Antique Leather?

Leather is naturally resilient against everyday use and long-lasting. Still, antiqued leather provides remarkable character and qualities such as durability and attractive aesthetics. Aged leather is a superb match with red, green, or yellow accessories to add a fun, vibrant ambience.

Aged leather offers excellent value for money and a luxurious touch that most other upholstered textiles can't beat.

Antique Leather is Hypoallergenic

Leather furniture repels allergens such as pet hair and doesn't gather dust mites. Allergy sufferers can find relief with the hygienic capabilities of leather.

Antique Leather is The Perfect Aesthetic

Aged leather furniture provides elegance to your home and Chesterfields have a conservative feel that provides the right balance. Still, these 3-seaters are more trendy than fabric furniture.

Antique Brown Leather Chesterfields provide a sleek, up-market appearance while the softness of the hide offers comfort.

Antique Leather Ages Well

The hide on this furniture ages tremendously well over time. The naturally distressed style enhances the piece of furniture's appearance in your home. Leather gets better as it becomes more soft and supple with use.

Easy To Care For

Caring for leather is easy as you only need to do a weekly dusting and give it a good rub down several times a year. Leather is definitely not high-maintenance, but you'd still need to condition the hide to prevent cracks and splits.

Scroll Arms For More Than Just Elegance

The distinguished scroll arms are superb in larger rooms with high ceilings and provide comfort. The conservative look of Chesterfield allows you to add a formal touch to modern décor while still representing your style.

While you may feel that the Chesterfield is a daunting piece that offers no comfort, the opposite is true. The scroll arms are comfortable enough to lean on and even lie down on with optimum back and neck support.

Distinguished Back Offers Maximum Support

This 3-seater has a generously embellished deep-buttoned back and is more than just a statement piece. The high-density foam and sturdy frame provide back support and comfortable seating.

Comfortable Seating With Style

This stunning piece of furniture comes standard with removable cushions. While loose cushions are synonymous with high-end furniture, this settee offers comfort and convenience and a pleasurable seating experience.

Loose cushions make cleaning up a breeze, and the leather and premium foam are preserved by turning the cushions over once in a while.

Solid Wood Bun Feet For Comfort

What's so special about sofa legs? On a Chesterfield, they add to the character and elegance. On top of that, these solid wood bun feet add height to make sitting less strenuous.

These are excellent for people who suffer from back or leg injuries.

Embellished To Perfection

Chesterfields are known for the deep-buttoned backs, arms, and front border. The buttoning is the cherry on the cake that provides even more sophistication and class - if that was possible.

Besides the glorious look, the buttons offer durability by holding the foam in place, allowing the settee to retain its shape.

Add the individual studs to the mix and these furniture pieces perfectly combine durability and style.

Versatile Classic Style

Chesterfields can be used as a focal point in any room - from an office to living room. These 3-seaters balance style and comfort to transform your interior design appearance and injects just the right amount of warm colour.

Chesterfields are a dominant piece, so it's essential to make the right pick. So why this specific piece of furniture? Because the classic design doesn't mean your décor is outdated. In fact, Chesterfields brings pizzazz and a modern twist because it balances both traditional and contemporary so well.

Chesterfields are Eco-Friendly

Our Chesterfields are made from solid hardwood sourced from sustainable forests. On top of that, these furniture pieces are built to last for years to come, so you won't be filling up landfills anytime soon.

The unmatched style and eco-friendly nature make these show stopping pieces a must-have in your home.

Handcrafted In The United Kingdom

We provide a wide range of sofas handcrafted by talented experts who pay attention to detail and ensure that the quality is hard to beat. The sturdy frames are made from seasoned hardwood, including beechwood sourced from sustainable forests.

The leather comes from top hide specialists in the United Kingdom.

Some of the designs that could grace your home include the Antique Blue Chesterfield Sofa, Antique Leather Chesterfield, or Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa.

You'll also find a wide range of seating options and colours to choose from.

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