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Antique Leather Chesterfield Sofa

A leather sofa is usually the focal point of interior design - regardless of the room. A great sofa combines style and comfort to transform your interior space while adding a splash of colour.

A Chesterfield sofa is the epitome of sophistication. A Chesterfield covered in antique leather is the pioneer of sophistication. While Chesterfield is synonymous with illustrious furniture, it's important to note that Chesterfield is a design and not a brand.

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we provide a large selection of antique leather Chesterfield couches that are sure to make a show stopping statement in your space.

These are alongside other collections like 2-seater and 3-seater leather sofas.

The Antique Leather Chesterfield

Chesterfield leather sofas are one of the most iconic pieces of furniture of all time worldwide. This classic furniture style incorporates traditional button detail with large springs and soft foam for maximum comfort.

These signature pieces age well, and you'll find a large selection of stunning designs that transforms any dull room into a classy and elegant space.

Perfect for Adding Vintage Style to Your Home

Chesterfield's antique leather range is revered as vintage class and style. It's the perfect blend of modern and classic that gives that retro feel without being overbearingly outdated.

Aged leather is appealing as it becomes softer and more supple over time to provide long-lasting comfort.

Why A Vintage Sofa?

Antique furniture styles make a refreshing change that a contemporary design can't compete with. Chesterfield designs are difficult to recreate in modern furniture. These beautiful pieces possess a robust style that will never go out of fashion.

The wonderful thing about antique settees is that they're made to last. Chesterfield couches are made from natural hardwood and rich leather - which is the backbone of these quality furniture pieces.

Vintage style gives you the upper hand because your décor will be different from any other.

What Is Antique Leather?

What makes antique leather so attractive is its historic charm and elegance. The hide is pre-dyed and some of the topcoats are gently removed to get the aged look. A sealant is applied to achieve that mellow lustre finish that exudes character and warmth.

Why Antique Leather?

Antique leather provides marvellous character and magnificent qualities. These qualities are durability, alluring aesthetics, value for money, and a luxurious feel.

Leather is naturally hardwearing and resilient and can withstand rigorous every day living.

Antique Leather is Hypoallergenic

Allergy sufferers are often relieved with leather sofas. Generally, leather furniture doesn't gather dust mites, pet hair, and other allergens.

Antique leather expertly combines sophistication and hygienic capabilities.

Leather Provides the Perfect Aesthetic For Your Home

Antique leathers lend a certain elegance to a room that isn't easily duplicated in a fabric. Even though Chesterfields are traditional, they're typically more trendy than fabric furniture.

Leather Chesterfields appear sleeker and more high-end, while the soft feel provides comfort.

Antique Leather Ages Well

Antique leather improves tremendously with age through the naturally occurring distressed look that enhances the furniture's appearance in your home.

Over time, leather only gets better as it becomes more soft and supple with use.

Easy To Care For

Antique leather is easy to clean and requires weekly light dusting or a rub down a few times a year. While leather isn't high maintenance compared to fabric, you still need to consistently condition it to prevent cracks and splits.

Chesterfield Sofas Aid Eco-Friendliness

Because of Antique Chesterfield's robust nature, there isn't a need to buy new furniture to enjoy the comfort and incredible style. Investing in antique sofas is an eco-friendly option that everyone should consider.

Perfectly Pigmented To Suit Your Taste

The leather hide is pigmented with a corrected grain by applying dye and a darker florenteak topcoat. A hand-antiquing process removes some of the topcoats to create the iconic look. The hide is polished to create a sealed surface lustre.

The polished surface combined with day-to-day home use contributes to the British style.

Ideal For People With Kids and Pets

Antique leather is resilient, hardwearing, and durable. This makes it ideal for parents with young kids and pet owners at home.

Chesterfield sofas fair well against the antics and playing of young kids. The frame and antique leather are hardwearing to provide a great looking piece of furniture for years to come.

Grooming your pets' nails and hair helps care for the leather, but a high-quality grain antique leather is perfect for repelling pesky hair and nail scratches.

Antique Leather: Synonymous With Resistance

The durability and resistance of antique leather are unparalleled. Our antique leather range tends to wear less compared to other materials. Leather offers the luxury of ageing well over time and still keeping up its appearance as close to when you first bought it.

The antique leather design of these couches will be loved for many generations to come.

Antique Leather From Top UK Hides

These antique leather sofas are handcrafted by expert craftsman.

This quality leather sofa can last for extended periods and still look its best. It's made from solid, seasoned hardwood and individually placed springs that are robustly engineered.

These factors ensure your sofa can be enjoyed for many years.

Firm Yet Comfortable

These statement pieces are firm and not squashy, which provides optimum support for your back. The seating contains top-quality foam to provide comfortable support and won't lose its shape.

How to Spot a Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas have always been popular and the demand for this iconic piece of furniture has risen. But how do you know if you have a Chesterfield design?

Arm and Back Height Tells All

The distinctive arms and recognisable back says it all. The couch's curves and distinguished arms are rolled while the back and arms are the same height.

A sofa where the arms are lower than the back is technically not a Chesterfield.

Leather Quality is Critical

Chesterfields are made from high-quality, genuine leather. The pattern of the material gives tell-tale signs of its authenticity. Natural leather is soft, supple, and pleasing to touch, yet not too smooth and shiny. On top of that, the smell of leather has a natural "leathery" scent.

The Devil is in the Details

The arms and back of Chesterfield sofas are rolled and tufted with a generous amount of buttons. This is probably the most distinctive feature of these couches.

UK's #1 Chesterfield Sofa Retailer

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we provide a range of styles and colours to suit anyone's taste. Our antique leather couches are handmade to exceptional standards by skilled craftsmen in the UK.

These craftsmen have expert knowledge and take the utmost care to provide polished and hardwearing furniture pieces that are made to last. The finishes are refined and you're assured that your new piece will arrive at your home in pristine condition.

Chesterfield Leather Sofas provide antique leather couches upholstered in an alluring hide with a classic, aged look. These are alongside our range of other antique Chesterfields ranging from traditional brown to daring red.

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