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Black Leather Chesterfield Armchair

The Black Chesterfield Armchair is a modern classic that brings style and grace to any space. They add class, style, and comfort to any area. At the same time, black leather couches are usually the focal point in interior design.

This Victorian-era piece of furniture is considered more than just comfort. It's the pioneer of class and elegance from the 18th century until today.

An illustrious Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa is perfect for small spaces and finished with buttons and studded front facings to add an extra touch of class.

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we provide an extensive range of armchairs in various plush upholstery material and in a colour that matches your interior design. These are alongside our range of Blue Chesterfield Chairs, Brown 1-seater, and vibrant Yellow Chesterfield Armchairs and many more colours to choose from.

Black Leather Armchair Design

These 1-seater sofas are one of the most iconic designs that incorporate intricate detailing and premium bonded leather to provide a statement piece.

This black armchair is built for durability on a sustainable hardwood frame. These sofas are made from bonded leather to suit your interior décor, while the double seam stitching provides durability.

The soft fitted arms and opulent padding provides comfort and functionality. The seats have pocket springs to provide maximum comfort.

The softness of bonded leather gives this Chesterfield a fancier appearance, and you may enjoy the "leathery" smell of this luscious piece of furniture in your living room.

The Modern Chesterfield

This contemporary Chesterfield still exudes the same opulence and dignity as the original. Beyond the top-quality material it's made from, the modern Chesterfield transforms any area where you place it.

Make your interior feel posh with these showstopping black 1-seater sofas!

High-back Armchair For Better All-Round Support

High-back armchairs offer better head, neck and shoulder support than any other types of chairs. They provide more comfort and relaxation than recliners because of the classic design.

Usually, furniture provides either comfort or leisure and seldomly both. But, this Wingback armchair is an exception providing the most comfortable space. These sofas are a status symbol with a luxurious approach that makes a big difference to your home.

They're so attractive that they're enjoyed in homes and commercial offices alike. Beyond aesthetic enjoyment, the height of the sofa's backrest is excellent for people who suffer from back problems.

Elegant Scroll Arms

Distinguished scroll arms work wonders in larger rooms with high ceilings while providing comfort. While it gives a traditional look that Chesterfield sofas are known for, it allows you to add a formal look to modern décor.

Add a fresh look with bright-coloured throws or rugs to have a feminine appearance, or add copper or chrome accessories to emphasize the masculine aesthetic.

Detachable Cushions For Comfort

Preserve the bonded leather by turning the cushions over once in a while. The great news about removable cushions is that you can easily clean up crumbs, find lost keys, and retrieve change.

Loose seat cushions may tempt kids into building forts, but these black leather cushions are robust against kids' shenanigans - including pets.

The high-quality craftsmanship that Chesterfields are known for ensures that the cushions stay intact - thanks to the high-quality material used to produce these sofas.

The pocket springs provide a medium-soft seat and offer a formal feel that contributes to durability. Pocket springs ensure the armchair holds its shape and promotes longevity and consistency.

Deep Buttoned Backrest For An Elegant Touch

The sumptuous, deep buttoned backrest softens your modern interior and is both edgy and elegant. The buttoned tufting provides that high-end look while the geometric stitching secure the cushion to the backrest.

Studded Front For Durability And Flare

The intricate hand-studded front facings are a clever way to attractively ensure that the leather stays in place. The studs add class and sophistication with a welcoming homely feel and sets the bar in terms of living room furniture.

Wooden Feet Enhance Décor & Functionality

The solid wood feet adds height and a streamlined look that a Chesterfield sofa is known for and the finishing touch to its classic feel.

Since the 1-seater is perfect for some much-needed "me time", this armchair can easily be squeezed into small spaces.

The feet reduces your need to stoop down low, which reduces strain when sitting. Making this armchair perfect for people with leg or back injuries.

This piece would look great and provide comfort in both traditional and modern spaces that you can enjoy for years to come.

A Versatile Classic

These Chesterfield 1-seaters are so versatile they make an excellent addition to any room. No other types of sofas work well in front of exits like 1-seaters do. So you can place these pieces in front of French Windows to get an airy space.

Fixed fireplaces always dominate its space, yet a set of black Chesterfield sofas certainly changes the dynamic of the furniture layout.

Regardless of the colour, a Chesterfield sofa is perfect for workstations, yet black is versatile and can match your current décor. It provides extra comfort and support while grinding away at work.

Bedroom furniture wouldn't be the same without a Chesterfield sofa to keep bedroom dwellers company. A single or a set of these 1-seater sofas helps add that cosy warm feeling to your bedroom.

A black Chesterfield armchair is a perfect match with a corner sofa to get a modern-luxe classic feel. Add a pop of colour with accessories to fully accentuate the sofa.

Still, dining room furniture would seem lonely without a comfortable classic like the Chesterfield armchair.


This black leather Chesterfield 1-seater is made from the finest materials by skilled craftsman. Extra care and detail are used when creating this compact sofa. All Chesterfields are made from premium material with individually placed springs, and they're built to last.

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we have an extensive range of Chesterfield sofas that will make a bold statement in your home or office. There's a colour to suit any interior décor like classic brown, red, and blue.

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