What about a Chesterfield Sofa? We've got it! Black? Chesterfield Leather Sofas also has that available on their website. It is simple to shop for Sofas online from the convenience of your home thanks to the availability of a vast selection of Sofas products, such as the Shirley 2 Seater Chesterfield Sofa. You can be sure to get the ideal sofas for your house if you shop from a store that carries reputable brands like Astoria Grand. You can easily restrict or broaden your search by clicking on the criteria in the left menu, which enables you to shop for the specific kind of Sofas that corresponds to your requirements.

There is a good reason why the collection of velvet and crushed velvet Chesterfield sofas offered by The Chesterfield Leather Sofas is one of our most popular items, both at our retail location and on our website.

The velvet Chesterfields are lavish but supple and soft, capturing the heritage, elegance, and refinement of the age-old British design. However, they re-energise the style with a new, hot update developed and polished to remain supremely fashionable for years to come.

We sincerely appreciate good design, and Chesterfield couches have an innately ageless quality. However, each new generation has a unique perspective, and historic Chesterfields might be dated based on the specific forms they include. At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, our mission is to develop an excellent collection of contemporary Chesterfield sofas, such as our Padstow velvet black Chesterfield, using only the most skilled artisans and time-honoured techniques of manufacturing. We promise to take no shortcuts in this endeavour.

Be careful not to mistake our velvet Chesterfields with those created by several of our rivals that sell Chesterfield couches in the United Kingdom. Premium Italian velvet, brass castors, solid beech frames, and mahogany feet are some of the high-quality elements that go into the handcrafted construction of a Chesterfield armchair or sofa by our trained artisans. We could go on, but suffice it to state that none of the steps in the process is mass-manufactured or contracted out to a third party. Unfortunately, many English Chesterfield settees are produced by companies simply trading on our heritage of skilled craftsmen. These companies then commit heresies, such as purchasing pre-sprung cushions and then placing them on unsprung frames to compete on price with manufacturers from Far Eastern countries.

Craftsmen working at Chesterfield Leather Sofas meticulously attach individual coil or serpentine springs to the frames of Chesterfield velvet sofas using a method that has been around for a long time. The hardwoods used in the construction of our beech frames have been hand-picked for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. Each component of our contemporary Chesterfield sofas is crafted in the conventional manner, which entails hand-forming the individual components and then hand-assembling those components with dowels, screws, and corner blocks for increased rigidity. Once the frame of the Chesterfield couch has been completely completed, any wood that will be visible in the end product is French polished by hand using many coats. This process occurs after the frame of the Chesterfield settee has been completely assembled.

When this labour-intensive procedure is complete, the polish is given two days in an environment where the temperature is carefully managed to become completely brittle. The frame must now be sprung, which is a labour-intensive operation that entails installing individual coil or serpentine springs to the frame. This is done to guarantee that the form of our velvet Chesterfield sofas will remain intact for an extended period. After this procedure is accomplished, the padding is moulded into the pattern applied, panel by panel, until our Chesterfield sofas take on their final forms. At long last, it is time to reupholster your Chesterfield: the velvet for our Chesterfield couch is hand-picked from just the very best velvets Italian has to offer.

After cutting out the forms using templates applied to the velvet, a specialist pattern maker then hands the final Chesterfield over to the upholsterer so that they may apply it to the couch. The process begins with the pattern maker applying the templates to the velvet. The completion of this procedure may take up to three days. The finishing touches on your plush couch include buttoning it up and studying it. Again, this is another way our Chesterfield sofas are distinguished from those of many of our rivals, who, unfortunately, apply strips of studs in broad swaths to the upholstered couch. Our Chesterfield sofas have between 300 and 1200 studs that are individually applied. Our Chesterfield couch won't be available for purchase until after all this work has been finished.

The Chesterfield couch may be traced back to the middle of the 18th century when it was first developed to solve the problem of how a gentleman might sit erect without wrinkling his suit. It was gaining popularity over the years as an attractive piece of furniture for use in living rooms belonging to the richest people. Your living space will benefit from the timeless allure of a Chesterfield couch, which is generally recognised as one of the most famous pieces of furniture in today's culture.

The living room has a classic button-tufted sofa.

The striking and instantly identifiable shape of a Chesterfield couch lends an air of refined sophistication to whatever space it inhabits. Because the back is completely upholstered, you may position it wherever in the room and use it as an accent piece for your decor, even in the centre of the space. The scrolled arms and deep buttoned tufting that are distinctive of the mid-century give a perfect mix between classic style and the highest possible level of comfort. Your living room's design will be elevated to an entirely new level due to the combination of meticulous craftsmanship and the best quality fabric.

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Height - 76cm Width - 150cm Depth - 80cm Weight - 42kg The traditional Chesterfield sofa design is perhaps the most well-known in the world. It has existed in many forms for hundreds of years.With our new line of velvet...


Elegant and Relaxed in Every Way

Even though it is an iconic and time-honoured object, a Chesterfield couch serves as an ornamental focal point and a cosy seating option. There is a classic piece for two, a huge corner Chesterfield that is made to seat six people, and even a sofa bed that is ideal for use as a guest bedroom, among the things you may discover in our inventory. Chesterfield sofas invite you to relax and spend quality time with those closest to you with its spacious sitting areas and generously cushioned cushions.

A Classic Look with a Slightly More Up-to-Date Feel

An already famous item may become more approachable when given a fresh look based on the shape of a traditional Chesterfield. You may discover a couch made from genuine leather of the highest quality if you are someone who values tradition, or you can get one made from imitation leather if you would rather have classic elegance in a more contemporary form. Chesterfield couches upholstered in velvet provide not only the highest possible durability but also an increased plushness and cosiness. Choose a piece of furniture that stands on silver legs or has nailhead trim if you want your house to have a luxurious appearance. Chesterfield sofas transcend trends and can be designed in various ways since they are available in a wide variety of iterations, colours, patchwork patterns, and metallic finishes.

The Chesterfield couch is a classic piece of furniture that should be included in every house because of its recognisable low back design, traditional curled arms, and luxurious button details. Shop our selection to find the items that are a great match for your home, whether you want to modernise your workplace or give your living room a more classic style. It's been decades since Chesterfield sofas were first produced, but this immediately recognised and much-loved form from the middle of the 20th century is still a solid favourite today. The adaptability of Chesterfield couches allows them to look great in living rooms, offices, and other common areas. Choose a classic leather Chesterfield couch in a shade of dark green, sleek black, or chestnut brown to accent your office environment. These colours will look great together. When you pick calming neutral tones, elegant tweeds, and vivid velvets for your fabric Chesterfield couch, you can give your living room a softer aesthetic while creating a more peaceful atmosphere. Take a look at our collection of Chesterfield sofas available online right now to get some ideas. We have a variety of styles, colours, and patterns to choose from to accommodate everyone's preferences.

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