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Blue Chesterfield Captain's Chair

The beautiful Chesterfield Captain's Chair in antique blue has graced workplaces and homes for centuries. This timeless piece is known for elegance, class, style, and comfort.

The swivel and tilt action makes work comfortable, which increases productivity. The Blue Captain's Chair can be matched or used as a contrasting effect to your current décor.

Chesterfield furniture is body-friendly and creates a comfortable work environment.

A Chesterfield Design Classic

  • A hardwood frame that's screwed, dowelled, and glued for extra strength
  • Foam-filled seat for extra comfort
  • Castor wheels to move from desk to filing cabinet
  • Padded backrest for extra support
  • Spindles that look like ship railings
  • Hand-tacked studding
  • Covered in leather for durability

Hardwood Arms Built For Comfort

These hardwood arms offer considerable support to your upper torso, neck, and shoulders. They help reduce fatigue and stress while maintaining spine posture.

The seat is available in plain or buttoned. Either selection provides optimum comfort.

The arms on this statement piece of furniture are designed to keep your shoulders relaxed as you won't keep your arms raised.

Deep Buttoned For Distinguished Style

The intricate button detail is what Chesterfields are known for, and the captain's chair is no different. The deep buttons on the backrest and seat keep the foam in place to keep your captain's chair in shape for a long time.

The buttoning on this furniture piece is edgy yet sophisticated while oozing masculinity. While traditional is often accused of being unwelcoming, the button tufting on this captain's chair gives off a powerful yet approachable feel - regardless of the colour.

Intricate Detailing

The hand-studded front facings contribute to the elegant look of the furniture. The stud nails have a clever way of attractively adding durability to the Chesterfield by keeping the hide in place.

On the other hand, the handcrafted spindles emphasize the classic touch of this Chesterfield Captain's Chair. These spindles are made from solid wood and strategically placed to resemble a ship's railing for an authentic naval feel.

Solid Wooden Legs To Complete The Look

Solid wood enhances the Chesterfield appeal and provides a luxurious look. The intricate grooves add to the high-end look while providing ample support.

The hardwearing wood is built to last for a long time, while the robust wooden legs are built to be weight-bearing.

Swivel Chairs To Get Your Work Done

You can quickly zip from filing cabinets to your desk without having to get up - with style and grace!

The chair's swivel mechanism is perfect for doctors, draughtsman, and most other professionals looking for a classic feel. The swivel mechanism with a gas height-adjustable base allows you to increase productivity while sitting and being mobile at the same time.

On top of that, the tilt capabilities of this Antique Blue Captain's Chair makes reclining easier when you need a few seconds to gather your thoughts.

Antique Blue Captain's Chairs Are Great For Support

An Antique Blue Captain's Chair is more than just stylish; it is excellent for back support. They're engineered to be comfortable, making them perfect for people who may experience back issues from sitting for too long.

Simultaneously, recline with poise and make your workstation more comfortable with the gas tilting mechanism.

Captain's Chair in Antique Blue Leather

Hide has superb character and qualities, like captivating aesthetics meshed with durability. The hide has an affluent feel that makes it excellent value for money.

The hide is resilient and can withstand everyday use since it's used for about 8 hours a day. Couple this with a sturdy hardwood frame, and you have a Captain's Chair to last for years to come.

These factors make the Chesterfield Captain's Chair a must-have signature piece in your workplace or home study.

Traditional Meets Trendy In A Maritime Way

All leathers provide a certain elegance to your home or workplace that some fabrics often lack.

Antique Blue Chesterfield Chairs are trendier and longer-lasting than textile, making these office chairs perfect for people who stay glued to their seats. The sleekness and high-end appearance provide comfort and cosiness while exuding an authentic nautical feel.

Leather is Hypoallergenic

Since a Captain's Chair is built for more extended use, allergy sufferers may find relief.

Hide doesn't gather dust mites, allergens, and pet hair like its fabric counterparts do. This natural material is an excellent choice for people who want to avoid allergy attacks.

Leather Ages Best

Antique is known to get better and better over time, and the natural hide on this Captain's Chair sure delivers.

The naturally distressed look enhances the furniture's appearance in your space. The soft and supple feel improves as the piece ages to provide a gorgeous blend of cosy and class.

Easy To Care For

Leather is the easiest upholstery material to clean. You'd need to only lightly dust this Captain's Chair once a week and give it a thorough rub down a few times a year.

Still, you'd need to condition the hide to prevent cracks and splits from occurring.

Handmade in the UK

If you're looking to add a homely touch to your workstation, a Chesterfield will do the trick. We provide handmade furniture crafted by talented experts who've been making Chesterfield Sofas for decades.

We have an extensive range of furniture made from premium leathers and textile upholstery using traditional manufacturing methods.

We provide a collection of workplace furniture, including the Chesterfield Office Chair, in extensive colour ranges. 

Get in touch if you're looking for a Chesterfield Sofa to add more elegance to your work area!

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