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Blue Chesterfield Chair

No other furniture piece is more distinguished than Chesterfield chairs. Their noble features originated in 18th century England and are still known as the epitome of sophistication.

This timeless piece is known for its elegance, class, style, and comfort. Chesterfields are body-friendly chairs that are perfect for relaxation and enjoying a cognac after dinner.

Chesterfield Chair Design

Chesterfields are a symbol of British style and class. These chairs boast classic scroll arms, deep-buttoned backrests, and a low seat base.

The arms and back are equal height to provide optimum comfort and support. At the same time, the seat cushions are removable, which makes them easy to care for.

Features We Adore

  • A modern design of the archetypal Chesterfield sofa
  • Solid hardwood frame to ensure longevity
  • Supreme comfort with stunning foam-filled seats
  • Upholstered in trendy blue material
  • Deep button detailing and piping to provide a traditional look
  • Rounded arms, tapered legs, and clean lines give it a modern look
  • A pocket sprung base and foam seats provide optimum comfort yet are firm enough for a relaxing experience
  • Stud nails on the front facings to give that elegant look

Make It All About You

These armchairs are inspired by the traditional Chesterfield design to beautifully fuse modern and traditional. This statement piece provides comfort and sophistication to your home or office and adds a pop of colour and a luxurious feel to any room.

The foam-filled seat cushions are perfect for relaxing after a tiring day. They conform to your body while sitting and "bounce back" into shape once you get up.

Pair this signature piece with comfortable throws for a beautiful meditation experience. Or, whip out a foot spa and soak your feet for much-needed stress relief.

Still, you're not obliged to do anything in a Chesterfield Chair. Sit down, put your feet, and relax!

High Backrest For Maximum Back Support

The high backrest provides support for your head, neck, and your entire back. The back promotes better posture, making it easier to have your back in a complete upright position.

Our range of Chesterfields are perfect for people who suffer from back pain, migraines, and stress and need a couch that offers a rich, relaxing experience.

Deep Buttoned Back

The deep buttoned tufting on these blue Chesterfield chairs is edgy and sophisticated while softening your modern interior. Traditional is often accused of being unwelcoming, but the deep buttoned effect is welcoming and softens a minimalist style.

The tufted buttoning enhances your interior design with texture and creates depth in your space. In fact, Chesterfield sofas add the "wow factor" to your room without seeming out of place or too bold.

Simultaneously, the buttoning helps keep the foam in place to prevent sagging or the chair from losing shape.

Intricate Detailing

Hand-studded front facings contribute to the elegant aesthetic of Chesterfields. Simultaneously, the stud nails have a clever way of keeping the fabric or leather in place - making it an attractive way to add durability to Chesterfields.

Loose Cushion Seating

High- end pieces are built with loose cushions because they provide all-around comfort. Blue Chesterfields are not just comfy for seating but are also easy to care for.

Loose cushions make it easier to clean and allow you to rotate the cushions to help protect the upholstery from wear and tear. Retrieve lost coins, keys, and sneaky crumbs from your favourite cheesecake easily.

The Chesterfield Style

Chesterfields have always been known for 3 characteristics: hardwearing, masculine personality, and vintage brown leather upholstery. But Chesterfields evolved over time as the trends changed.

Today, Chesterfields are found in modern styles that incorporate more feminine characteristics.

Our Chesterfield chairs are available in various designs ranging from fun, vibrant fabric to opulent leather.

Long-Lasting Elegance To Suit Your Home

Chesterfields are one of the world's favourite furniture pieces. The revered shape contributes to their durability and hardwearing qualities that ensure they stay in great shape for a long time.

Modern Chesterfield chairs have taller, curved backs and are upholstered in various materials like antique leather, sumptuous velvet, and cotton blends of patchwork fabrics.

A blue Chesterfield sofa works in most places, such as an office, study, conservatory, or bedroom.

Blue Chesterfields: Your Own Piece Of Heaven

The most popular colours are light blue and navy blue. The heavy presence of blue Chesterfields provides a vintage-meets-comfy ambience to any working space and suits most colour schemes.

Dark blue Chesterfields ooze style, grace, and confidence, and signifies your own piece of heaven. Modern-day Chesterfields incorporate a lighter blue and still holds up to Chesterfield's fame while providing a light, airy feeling to your room.

Pair blue Chesterfield chairs with black-shaded hues like maroon or dusty purple accessories to capture your guests' eyes.

On the other hand, blue Chesterfields provide a coastal, contemporary character while adding a pop of colour to neutral themed rooms.

Versatile in Any Space

The classic nature of these chairs provides splendour and turns dreary areas into an elegant safe haven. They work well in rooms furnished in a lighter mood too.

Pair this blue chair with mahogany, chrome, and glass surfaces, or add vivid colour throws for a feminine aesthetic.

The Minimalistic Look

Chesterfields offer a fresh look to their surroundings and attract the right amount of attention in minimalistic styled spaces. You can also use plain scatter cushions to soften up the aesthetic.

A Warm and Cosy Feel

To get the most out of your Chesterfield, pair a blue Chesterfield sofa with a bold coloured rug for that warm cosy feel. A large patterned throw or rug turns your Chesterfield sofa into a comfortable focal area for a Victorian look. 

The Traditional Style

Blue Chesterfields provide the traditional style that they're known for. Pair with a solid wood side table and a matching lamp or a vase to get the maximum effect.

Classic With a Modern Twist

Even traditional Chesterfields don't give off that "furniture pulled straight out of a history lesson" vibe. You can rest assured that the Chesterfield is distinguished with a luxe-modern twist. This piece is trendy and modern, with traditional features signifying quality.

Easy Assembly

This trend-setting piece requires minimal assembly. All you need to do is attach the solid wood legs. You could have your feet up in less than 20 minutes!


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