Should you compromise on style just because you have a small space? You shouldn't. Which is why these sofas are perfect for smaller homes and workplaces. Chesterfield sofas have been perfected over the years and evolved into one of the world's favourite furniture pieces.

The 2 seater Chesterfield sofa is ideal for flats and as a centrepiece in small living rooms. These traditional 2 seaters are a lifesaver for people who don't have large spaces yet don't want the clutter associated with compact rooms.

These iconic sofas are found in places where refinement is needed. What was once a furniture piece only found in classy hotels and stately homes, these settees are now found in ordinary peoples' homes - with no compromise on quality or comfort.

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, we provide an extensive collection of 2 seater and 4 seater sofas in illustrious colours from warm brown to delicate pink.

Traditional Look With A Contemporary Twist

The Chesterfield sofa is timeless, has a quality finish, and a sturdy build that makes it a stunning centrepiece in any room. Still, this settee is by no means outdated.

You'll instantly notice its contemporary twist – the natural wood frame and deep-buttoned upholstery provide an aesthetic similar to a movie scene.

The sustainable non-tropical frame is glued and reinforced for strength, while the detachable pocket sprung seat cushions make it easy to vacuum crumbs and recover lost coins and other sneaky items that tend to get lost in sofas.

The Colour Blue To Chase Away The Blues

The luscious blue fabric is easy to care for and retains it colour.

Blue manages to be one of the only colours that work as a neutral tone. The calming effects and pleasing style blends effortlessly into its surroundings.

Blue will never go out of style, so you can feel safe knowing that you'll enjoy a blue Chesterfield sofa for years to come.

Velvet Fabric Is Flexible And Durable

Velvet is naturally soft and gives any room that luxury feeling.

Velvet provides a combination of aesthetic value and warmth during colder seasons, and the material blends in effortlessly with different décor styles while giving a soft feel and luxurious touch.

Besides adding that classy look and feel, this material is easy to care for. The velvet's elasticity makes it longer-lasting, so you won't find your pieces of furniture literally bursting at the seams.

But don't be fooled by the smooth, shiny appearance of velvet. This soft material is also known for its pest and mould-resistant capabilities, making it easy to keep in pristine condition.

Comfort Unmatched

This piece of furniture provides supreme comfort because of the medium-firm back and elegant scroll arms. The pocket sprung seat cushions provide long-lasting support.

The medium-soft filling on the seat and back makes a huge difference. The filling is pivotal to a relaxing experience when watching TV, reading, or doing a meditation session.

Classic, Sophisticated, Dependable

Chesterfield couches work well in living rooms or bedrooms. From genuine classics to modern designs, these sofas are a symbol of British class and style. You can easily recognise these sofas by their classic rolled arms, deep buttoned tufting, and low seat base.

The sofa's arms and back are the same height, which provides optimum comfort and added support. The revered shape contributes to their long-lasting qualities.

An Eye for Detail

The 2 seater Chesterfield sofa is quite the looker. The tufting and velvet add texture and shape, while the classic scrolled arms provide accents of opulence that's unmatched by most other couches on the market today.

The distinctive buttoning is done by an expert craftsman who affixes each button to the frame to ensure they don't come undone. The studding is hand-tacked through the material and wooden frame in such a way that they remain intact.

Style Meets Comfort

This iconic piece is handmade with a super sleek look and extra comfort.

The elegant tufted sofa is functional because it holds the stuffing in place and prevents bunching up. Even though this style has been used for centuries, the tufting effect is far from outdated. In fact, they're a perfect combination of elegant and trendy.

Not many other pieces can live up to a genuine Chesterfield settee's reputation for luxury and durability.

Soften Your Modern Interior

Even though modern spaces are edgy and sophisticated, they can be cold and have a minimal look. The right touches make an area appear more welcoming.

A Chesterfield 2 seater can soften the minimalist look to ensure a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. One or two pieces are all you need to give your modern space a more approachable design.

In fact, you can use your Chesterfield as a focal point because it has a domineering appearance and oozes charm.

Enhance Any Room With Texture

Including texture is the easiest way to liven up a dull room. A 2 seater Chesterfield sofa creates depth and texture to your living room, bedroom, or most spaces, for that matter.

The tufted design adds that wow factor to your area without appearing too bold or out of place.

2 Seater Sofa Fit For Royalty

The silky feel and firm seating provide qualities fit for royalty. Many people love that the couch is a little higher off the floor. They adore the feeling of having a throne.

The sofa is stylish and transforms any area. You may find that you love it so much you want to buy another one.

Works With Other Furniture Pieces

Chesterfield couches are marvellous in their versatility and work in most environments regardless of your décor and space.

They work well with other pieces you may have in the area and add a splash of colour. Add a cosy look to the bedroom that seems cold or a single 2 seater sofa to contrast armchairs in a living room.

Superb Value 2 Seaters

You can easily recognise a 2 seater Chesterfield sofa from its tufting and the fact that its arms and backs are the same height.

Chesterfield couches are resilient and can handle family life easily.

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Teal Velvet Chesterfield Two Seater Fabric Sofa
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VENDOR: Chesterfield Leather Sofas

Height - 76cm Width - 150cm Depth - 80cm Weight - 42kg

Royal Blue Velvet Chesterfield Two Seater Fabric Sofa
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VENDOR: Chesterfield Leather Sofas

Height - 76cm Width - 150cm Depth - 80cm Weight - 42kg


2 Seater Chesterfield Specifications:

  • 100% upholstered
  • Available in Blue
  • 4 Natural wooden feet
  • Seats contains pocket sprung foam filling
  • Detailed with deep button tufts, scroll arms, and piping
  • Expertly handcrafted with care and devotion

The 2 seater chesterfield sofa requires minimal assembly, so you only have to add the feet.

It comfortably holds weight up to 220kg.

Sturdy Frame

The frames are made from seasoned hardwood with straight grains to give it tremendous strength and solidity. These hardwood frames stand against rigorous daily use and are reinforced to stand the test of time.

Lavish Cushions

The cushions are made from locally produced, high-quality foam that covers the seat and back. The couches are created using density foam that is used across various positions on the sofa to provide support in critical areas. Foam is then hand-fixed to the frame to ensure that the cushions remain in place throughout the couch's lifetime.

British Handiwork

At Chesterfield Leather Sofas, all our furniture pieces are made with exceptional craftsmanship levels using a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

We provide an immense range of conventional sofas, armchairs, and Chesterfield chairs (among others) in a colour to match your décor.

Can your home benefit from the luxurious look of Chesterfield sofas?

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